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This is a independent website with information on the Red Bull Air Race. This website is not affiliated with Red Bull Air Race GmbH.
  Red Bull Air Race 2006        

Red Bull Air Race World Series 2005

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The Red Bull Air Race takes air racing to new heights as pilots execute gravity-defying aerobatics while navigating through a twisting race course of five pylon obstacles stationed just over 150 meters in front of spectators. Pilots run one at a time against the clock.

Peter Besenyei, who invented the sport of Red Bull Air Racing in 2003, in his Extra 300S.                                   Photo: Rob Vogelaar, www.air-races.com

Pilots and Aircraft

Peter Besenyei HUN Extra 300S
Paul Bonhomme GBR Extra 300S
Kirby Chambliss USA Zivko Edge 540
Nicolas Ivanoff FRA CAP 232 & Extra 230
Steve Jones GBR Extra 300S
Nigel Lamb GBR Extra 300L
Alexander MacLean ESP Sukhoi Su-26, Su-31 & Extra 300L
Mike Mangold USA Zivko Edge 540
Klaus Schrodt GER Extra 300S
Frank Versteegh NED Extra 300L

Red Bull Air Race Calendar 2005

Abu Dhabi UAE April 8, 2005
Rotterdam NED June 12, 2005
Zeltweg AUT June 25, 2005
Rock of Cashel IRL July 24, 2005
Longleat GBR August 7, 2005
Budapest HUN August 20, 2005
San Francisco USA October 8, 2005

World Series 2005 Final Ranking

Pos: Pilot: Nationality: Points:
1 Mike Mangold USA 36
2 Peter Besenyei HUN 32
3 Kirby Chambliss USA 21
4 Klaus Schrodt GER 18
5 Paul Bonhomme GBR 17
6 Steve Jones GBR 12
7 Nicolas Ivanoff FRA 11
8 Frank Versteegh NED 0
9 Alexander MacLean ESP 0
10 Nigel Lamb ZIM 0


Video Red Bull Air Race World Series 2005

Peter Besenyei's Extra 300S HA-RED                                              Mike Mangold's Zivko Edge 540   Photo's Rob Vogelaar, www.air-races.com


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